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Harper & Faye Jewelers

Categories: Jewelry Retail Center

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Phone: (617) 330-1943

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Tuesday-Thursday: 10:00 am-6:00 pm

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A Federal Street Fixture For Three Decades, Harper & Faye Offers A Unique Jewelry Option For Downtown

Harper & Faye Jewelers was established in 1983 to cater to the needs of Boston's Financial District clientele. The idea - though innovative at a time when malls ruled the Earth - was simple: Make it convenient for downtown professionals to shop where they work, and they will do so. And if you exceed their expectations, they will shop again! This was no small feat, given the sophistication and financial savvy of the legal, medical, or financial professional who is our typical customer.

To this end, we have gathered together a collection of fine jewelry, art, and American crafts ranging from the amusing to the amazing; all backed by a level of service often unavailable at larger stores. It might seem odd for a fine jeweler to offer a collection of (sometimes whimsical) gift items; but the "one-stop shopping" idea works: you can come to Haper & Faye for an outstanding piece of jewelry for a major life celebration, or a present for your young niece! The one common thread is that no matter how small or large, what you buy from Harper & Faye must stand out from the crowd.