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Norman B. Leventhal Park At Post Office Square

Categories: Historic & Cultural Attractions

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Park Above/Park Below--The Award-Winning Park At Post Office Square

In the heart of downtown Boston's Financial District, nestled among the high-rise office buildings, lies a lush oasis of green, a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of a group of people, both public and private, who joined together to foster this unique vision--the Norman B. Leventhal Park at Post Office Square.

What had previously been a decrepit and unsightly garage, is now an award-winning and inviting park set above a first-class underground parking garage. Norman B. Leventhal Park is an intimate and friendly park that is beloved by thousands of office workers, shoppers, visitors and residents of the City. It provides a sense of delight, refuge, quality and exemplary maintenance to what would otherwise be a grey and hard-surfaced setting – a welcoming room within the City, a significant and comfortable public space to be enjoyed and revisited by people seeking relaxation and refuge – simply as it was intended.

The Norman B. Leventhal Park is supported, structurally and financially, by Garage at Post Office Square, a 1,400-space parking garage.

For all parking-related info, please contact the Garage at: 617-423-1430.

For park-related questions, please contact: 617-423-1500.