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Tour of the Innovation Trail

Cambridge Historical Tours is joining forces with The Innovation Trail to bring you face-to-face with four centuries of breakthrough discoveries in science, medicine, entrepreneurship, and technology—innovations that sparked right here in Boston and Cambridge before taking off to change the world as we know it.

From inoculations to railroad cars and subways, ice cubes to light bulbs, candy to telephones, ether to info-tech, Boston and Cambridge have been on the cutting edge since the 1600s. Walk with us in the footsteps of Alexander Graham Bell, Danny Lewin, Onesimus, Charles Davenport, and the countless other brilliant minds that have shaped our modern lives.

Join us on a deep dive into the Cambridge portion of the brand new Innovation Trail on this one-time tour experience!

The tour meets outside Toscanini's Ice Cream shop (the original location on Main Street in Central Square!) and ends near the CIC in Kendall Square in Cambridge.