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X'ian Rougamo

Although all COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted by the state and city, business hours of operation may still be impacted. please contact individual listings and websites for the most up-to-date information.

Categories: Casual Dining & Takeout / Chinese

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With thousands of years of history in growing wheat, the northwest Chinese city of Xi’An – an ancient capital in China, famous for the Terracotta Warriors – is home to many kinds of flour-based food.

“Rou Jia Mo”, a popular “meat burger” or “meat sandwich”, consisting of chopped meat inside the pita-like bun, is one of them. Now, the delicacy has got an official English name: Rougamo – a transliteration of its Chinese pronunciation. The burger is also known as “the world’s oldest hamburger” – It is thought to date back to the Qin Dynasty, over 2,000 years ago.

Xi’An Rougamo’s core product offering is housemade Rougamo and its major specialty items include noodles and rice, which are all full of North Western China flavors. They would like to bring traditional and a fashionable dining experience to a new generation of customers. At Xi’An Rougamo, each Rougamo is made from scratch in their own kitchen. They guarantee the freshness. They also make our own hand-pulled noodles. Their passion is to make the best quality food for their customers.