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Categories: Casual Dining & Takeout / Coffee Shops

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Tradesman’s name is derived from three central ideas; the Financial District location buzzing with financial traders, global coffee trading, and for the illustrious artisan craftsman. Tradesman pays homage to the men and women who have worked tirelessly to establish a future brighter and richer than which they were handed.

Tradesman is built for comfort in hopes of being a habitual space to charge and recharge between home and the office.

Tradesman is proud to serve Barrington Coffee which is same-day roasted and boasts the highest quality product, flavor, aroma and jolt. Their dedicated kitchen team prepares nourishing food daily made with wholesome, local ingredients sure to fuel the day’s wins. Tradesman offer everything from artisan breakfast sandwiches and pastries to sizable lunch sandwiches and afternoon snacks.

Tradesman has created an environment, and products to crave; a daily haven. Tradesman supplies the goods, means and tools necessary for success.