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Temple Records Lounge/Sushi @ Temple Records

Categories: Fine Dining / Pubs & Nightspots / Japanese / Seafood

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Vinyl lovers rejoice! Chef and co-owner Jamie Bissonnette, a self-taught guitarist (and self-proclaimed "audio nerd"), brings his two creative endeavors together at Temple Records, a 32-seat moody listening bar located next door to his other Temple Place restaurant, Somaek. Bissonnette has supplied the majority of the vinyl from the collection he's been curating since his teenaged years, ranging from the Talking Heads to Japanese saxophonist Jiro Inagaki. Bissonnette even built Temple Records' entire analog soundsystem!

Downstairs, patrons will discover Sushi @ Temple Records, where Sushi Chef Kenta Katagai serves a menu of nigiri, moriawase, sashimi, and makimono around a custom 22-seat sushi bar made of imported Japanese Hinoki wood. The subterranean venue showcases its building's rich architectural heritage by exposing its granite foundation walls and 1800s-era beams.