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JuicyGreens Boston

Categories: Casual Dining & Takeout

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JuicyGreens is a family-owned business in Boston committed to making delicious and healthy food in an eco-friendly way! 

Ammy Lowney, a Boston Public School teacher, and her husband, Dr. Michael Lowney, a Boston family medicine doctor, merged their passions for plant-based eating and making healthy food accessible to the community. During medical school, Dr. Lowney could not help but notice the often damaging connection between the typical American diet and health. He is a strong advocate of food as medicine. He educates his patients on the benefits of a nutrient-dense diet and the impact on their bodies. Today, you can find Mrs. Lowney sharing her love for education, a balanced, plant-based lifestyle, supporting other small businesses, and most importantly, developing community partnerships among local colleges, schools, hospitals, non-profit organizations, local farms, and other private entities to help support Juicygreens’ mission: to nourish, heal, and energize people’s minds, bodies and souls.