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FETE Restaurant

Categories: American


  • Thursdays-Fridays 3 pm-1 am
  • Saturdays-Sundays 2 pm-1 am
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Fete restaurant and lounge is located in the heart of downtown Boston. The meaning of "fete" can be described in a few ways, such as "to celebrate or to party." Unlike your traditional restaurant atmosphere, the concept behind Fete is to introduce a "dinner party" environment.

Fete is a place where you can sing along or get up and dance to your favorite song at any point during your visit. From its eclectic food menu to its drinks, Fete wants to embrace all peoples walking into its establishment. Fete's mission is to provide you with a positive and memorable experience every time you visit. A place where you can watch your favorite sport teams play or if you want to unwind, dance and or relax--Fete is here for you!