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Clean & Safe in Downtown Boston

We are ready when you are! The past five months have been extremely difficult for everyone, but Downtown Boston has persevered, and the strength and resilience on-display in our community since mid-March continues to inspire us as we move forward. We want you to know about all the steps we are taking to ensure a great experience in downtown Boston.

The mission of the Downtown Boston BID has stayed constant throughout the pandemic, as we remain committed to providing a clean, safe, and welcoming environment. Not only have our BID Ambassadors continued to provide sanitation and trash-removal services throughout the district, all while conducting special projects, but they have also taken the time to decorate and beautify our area. Flowers have been planted and tended, flags and patriotic decor were installed for the Fourth of July, social distancing signage has been placed in pedestrian traffic corridors--the list goes on! 

Meanwhile, the BID's office staff has continued to serve as a source of information for the BID community as well as the general public, while operating on a remote basis. Closely monitoring announcements and advisories from city and state officials, we have relayed pertinent content to our stakeholder constituencies as important data and resources have become available. Our communications have been vital in assisting the public and businesses to stay abreast of this ever-evolving situation--and we will maintain vigilance, performing this role, as we continue through the ongoing health crisis.