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Robert Surabian


Available Space

1,000 sq. ft.

Get out of the fishbowl! Are you looking for one or more private offices for yourself or your small business? Look no further. Currently in build-out, three offices in a five office 1,000 sq. ft. owner-occupied suite will be ready for lease in August. Price includes all taxes, condo fees and utilities except for internet (space comes wired). No annual step-up; no year end surprise billing. Brand new build-out, split-system HVAC so you control the climate of your office, new windows, shared waiting room and kitchenette, common bathrooms just outside the suite in the main hallway. The square footage reflects the actual dimensions of each room and each office will comfortably fit two desks. Comparable to a co-working space, but with privacy. So better! Come downtown to a quiet and private office space where you can flourish. Office 1 - $1200/month Office 2 - $1500/month Office 3 - $1500/month